Arkadia Upper Secondary School

Arkadia Upper Secondary School is an average size private school with approximately 440 students and 25 teachers. The students' ages are between 16 and 19. The average study period is about three years and ends with the matriculation examination.

Close to Nature

Our school is located in a serene and beautiful suburb about 30 km from Helsinki. Traditional yet progressive, it functions in a modern building where the working conditions are up-to-date.

Freedom and Versatility

Our objective as a school is to be open-minded, unprejudiced and versatile. There are many extra courses from which the students can choose in addition to the compulsory ones. Many specialization courses and applied courses add variety to the curriculum.


Our school is an ungraded upper secondary school. This means that the students can choose the courses which interest them. They can draw up their own study schedule and proceed at their own pace. Some of the courses can also be done independently.


Starting with the student and teacher exchange program with Hungary's Csokonai Vitez Mihaly Gimnazium in Debrecen in 1996, Arkadia Upper Secondary School has taken as one of its main goals an increasing emphasis in education on the globalization of our world. We have thus compiled an international study program which offers students a variety of courses enabling them to stretch their horizons and broaden their world view. Among these are courses taking a close look at Africa, culminating in a two-week trip to Zimbabwe, as well as a look at Asia, specifically China, and European countries such as Germany and the Baltic countries. In addition to the core curriculum in English as well, every year a week long trip to an English-speaking country is organized. These are only some of the courses available in our international study program. It is possible to participate in some or even all of the courses offered at Arkadia!

You are welcome

to our school. To study or just to visit. We have a qualified staff, well-motivated students and a friendly atmosphere. You will enjoy your stay!

Arkadia Upper Secondary School (Arkadian yhteislyseo)
Lepsämäntie 15
01800 Klaukkala
tel. +358 10 501 3700
fax. +358 10 501 3707
e-mail: kanslia@ayl.fi
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